All About Me!

If you saw me you’d think I was a regular person, “normal” even!  I’m 36, I have three children, I own my own house and car, in a relationship with a “normal” man.  Behind this I’m not that person – I’ve spent the last five years becoming more and more addicted to prescription meds.  I won’t discuss what, or how much on here – in my mind it doesn’t really matter – it’s not a competition to see who the most fucked up is.

But I’m sick of all that, I don’t want that life any more where I just sit in the house all day not talking to people.  I want to LIVE.  I want to be busy, and do things, and see places, and enjoy myself.  So this is my story of how I’m going to get to be that person.  Hopefully it’ll be super dull and boring, with me getting clean in two days or something!  More likely, it’ll be a long hard process with lots of tears and hard times, but so much to gain.

Love y’all xxxx


3 thoughts on “All About Me!

  1. Gemma Forman says:

    Our paths cross from years gone by. You are remarkable to open you world for others to see and i wish you all the best… can do it. xxx

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