My Epiphany

Sorry higher spirit, this time it was Brittany Spears, in the chiller section in Asda! Not literally, though I do rate her high on my list of girl crushes ❤

That bloody awful song Stronger came on when I was shopping just now, and I just broke down in to tears. Real good, happy tears! I suddenly realised I felt happy. For the first time in years I have real feelings. I can't explain the fog one lives in, whilst inhabiting opiate-land, but when it begins to lift there are moments of absolute clarity which make you break down in joy.

Yes, I still hurt, yes I will continue to have days which are less good than others, but I'm alive! For the first time in years. And it's fucking amazing.

And then I had to complete my shopping whilst sobbing my face off \o/. Go me!


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