Another embarrassing thing

So, possibly more embarrassing than anything I’ve said in my blog so far is the revelation that I really bloody love the film Eat, Pray, Love. I wanted so badly to hate it. I don’t want to be one of those morons that find it inspiring in any way. Do you think there is a pill I can take to help me with that?

I’m other news, blah blah blah. My day was ok-ish. I didn’t freak out (yet), so that’s a vast improvement. I still have that grey feeling that everything will just be boring forever. I still know in my head that isn’t true.

The best thing about today was waking up with a pussycat sleeping next to me in bed. Whenever the rest of the family leave he becomes very possessive of me, so all bathroom trips (mine) must be escorted to ensure I don’t leave him, and he always has to be in the same room as me. It’s very cute, though I refuse to be held responsible for any squashing which might occur as a result if him tying his tail round my ankles, and subsequent falling.

I’m feeling really ‘zing’ about nail polish today. I had a few beauties arrive, and I’m idly thinking about starting work on the website again. It’s nice to think about something which isn’t entirely introspective.


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