Day four (are we nearly there yet?)

Went to the drug doctors again who said that my reaction to this level of subutex is vary rare, I must be someone who reacts much more strongly to medicines/drugs than other people. I did try and warn them that! So what ive been experiencing over the last two days is the same as most people would get from heroin. And, in fact, if I was ever to try heroin then it’d be incredibly dangerous for me even at really low levels!

So lesson on the day, don’t take heroin. I would probably die.

Anyhow. Back to subutex. So I’ve been reduced back to half my doseage today, and have to see how it goes. I’m still feeling pretty wrecked from it at 4mg, so who knows, maybe I could even drop it down more. After all, the less I’m on to begin with, the less I have to try and come off in the future.

And, whoop de whoop, I’m well enough to start buying things from the internet again! Nail polishes of the world, hide…. I coming to get you!!


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