First day of the rest of my life!

8.30 – kids have gone to school, phew! They can’t help living in slightly ego centric worlds where the fact that they can fiend their brownie uniform is the single most important piece of the day, but GAHHHHH! I’ve been this late taking my meds before now, so I know this bit – headache, slightly clammy, and a whole heap of nervous energy. Trying to eat so I can take some ibuprofen, but I hate breakfast at the best of times!

12.00 – back from the doctor, got my new strips of film which will make me better. Head is pounding now – I’ve even broken out a couple of paracetamol! It’s going a little better than I’d imagined – I even managed to pop into a wool shop opposite the drug clinic, and buy a whole sheeps worth of wool! I promise it’s just to knit something for my mum, to thank her! I can feel my mood getting shorter – I don’t think I can go out and have to deal with other people any more – I’d end up killing someone! It’s a bit like a really bad migrane at the moment. So I think I can manage a good few more hours. Let’s see how I feel at two… 🙂

2.15 – yep, definitely feeling it now! Head still hurting, along with all my sinuses and joints. Feel a bit woozy ands everything is far too much effort. Cream cakes have worked well so far – will try a nap soon. Still smiling though!

5.00 – just taking my first dose. Withdrawal feels like a big speed comedown, if anyone has tried that before! Holy crap, these pills are under my tongue and are just the vilest things ever!! Am shuddering, trying not to spit them out! Fingers crossed I’m not sick!

8.00 – just taking my second dose. It works well, I didn’t feel stoned or anything, just quite normal. A bit tired and quiet, but so different to what I expected. I also felt no cravings at all, I even when I think about the pills then I feel no desire to even contemplate taking them! Amazing stuff. Just a damn shame they taste like battery acid!! I felt sick for ages after taking the last ones, just thinking of that taste *bleugh*. Overall a huge, amazing success. And I guess there no public desire to make things better for ‘junkie scum’ (TM Daily Mail), so no great need to make things easier than they have already 😀

8.15 – extra strong mints have just helped my taste buds – had one before the subutex and one straight after, and it’s really helped. Yay!! So, off to relax with my partner now, gasp about Russia, and eat some supper. One big, huge success of a day. I will be able to chat about it more tomorrow, I need to switch my brain off for now 🙂

Love y’all xxx


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