I’ve not given up with blogging my journey, but over the past few days I’ve become increasingly fed up with the wait. The whole experience is feeling like a bit of a distant memory, whilst I carry on just as I’ve always been. I called the team yesterday to ask for an update, but just got the un informative reply that they would phone me when the treatment plan was in place. GAHHHHH!!!!!!

It’s half term next week, so another week of no progress for me. If I can’t be doing anything solid with the addiction, then I am determined to at least have a good week with the kids. And to start the good week feeling I got a cat today! I’ve been wanting one for years, and finally we found a gorgeous huge Maine Coon, who my partner isn’t allergic to, and fits in with the family. I’m hoping he will be some once, loving company through the days, whilst I’m home alone.

So I guess I’ve made some progress with my emotional health, I’ve seen friends and done a few bits and bobs. But I just can’t escape the frustration of waiting for news of the future.


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