Too much daytime tv

I let myself off trying to do anything too taxing for the next few months, just to give me a break from the feeling of guilt you get when you know you should be doing something important. I have my knitting which can take up as much time as I have available, and also a slight penchant for hidden object games. However, neither of these real scream sociable, or even being in the real world. In fact, I think I’ve seen I Jeremy Kyle more in the last few weeks than any other human!

So, whilst I’m still waiting for the meds to get sorted (pleeeeease let it be soon!), I should try and start some sort of routine to my day. One which involves all the grown up, real life things which most people take for granted. These include getting dressed and putting on make up, preparing a home cooked meal for the family, and doing something which involves leaving the house each day. I still need plenty of “off” time so I can rest, and to give me a fighting chance of completing my tasks. I know if I ask too much of myself I will just say sod it, and another date with Jeremy Kyle will commence!

I should maybe try and start reading a bit too. Reading is more difficult than you can imagine, partly due to the meds, and also due to the M.E., both of which really affect your short term memory and concentration levels. Possibly some good teen fiction might be an idea – not too taxing and with the ability to draw me in quickly. Any suggestions are welcomed!

So I feel positive with this plan of action. Well, I need something to cling to until things move forwards. Can’t believe it’s only been 10 days so far – feels like I have been waiting forever!

Hope you all had a great weekend, and happy Monday

Love y’all xx


2 thoughts on “Too much daytime tv

  1. Trashy paranormal romance novels are great as they require very little attention and you can pick them up again after days without reading and still follow the ‘story’.

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