Cathartic crafting

A few weeks after my third child was born I started crocheting a blanket. It was a huge, king sized blanket in vivid rainbow stripes. I spent months making it, every time I had a spare ten minutes I would start another row. As a result every emotion I had as the mum of a newbie was stitched in to that blanket. Whenever I use it now it makes me smile and laugh and even cry – I am instantly taken back to one of the times I was making it.

A really great thing I found was that, at the time, the crocheting was acting like a form of therapy. It really helped to have something to focus on. Something I could see grow, and measure my own life against. On the yellow stripe I could look back to the red one, and think of how far I’d come (maybe even how much more sleep I was getting!).

A few weeks ago I started knitting another blanket. For some reason I thought it would be really great to knit a huge blanket out of sock yarn (for the uninitiated, that means it’s very thin so takes ages!). And so through this whole journey so far I have had another outlet for emotion. It grows and changes with me. It’s funny even, that on Friday when I was having a tough day I ended up having to cut back a load of the blanket and start again – it completely mirrored my mood.

Im so excited to finish this blanket – I’m guessing it’ll take 2-3 months, and just think – when it’s finished, I will be soooo much further in with my life. I will be a completely new person. A person with a funky new blanket!

Love y’all xxx


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