Family time

I always hate the idea of people feeling sorry for me, it makes me want to hide! I’m quite strong and bloody minded, and deal with things best by joking about them. A heavy dose of sarcasm is always healthy too I find.

Bearing this in mind, speaking with parents can be a minefield. I don’t mean that with any annoyance, but they have a parental right to worry about me. I had lunch with my parents, brother and his family, and my brood, today. Luckily everyone was on top form and seemed calm and positive about it all. This meant a really lovely time was had by all – I chatted about “the plan” briefly, and after that I was able just to be a normal person again. Being silly with my brother is one of those things which always makes me feel like a kid again!

So yay, basically! A happy, normal, family day. Looking forward to zillions more to come

Love y’all xx


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