Sweet Child O’Mine

(Ignore me whilst I just sing for a while… …. …. …ok, ready now!)

So I told the older two kids today about what is happening at the moment. I’m so proud of them. They take it all in their stride, so chilled out about it all. Obviously I turned it around as an example of why they should never take drugs 😀 :D.

I was in two minds about telling them – it’s a fair amount to take on board. But throughout my illnesses my mum has persuaded me to tell the kids about everything that’s going on, and honestly they seem so much more relaxed if they know what’s going on. Even T, aged two, has this instinctive knowledge of when I’m worried or upset, and it must be scary to not understand *why* I’m acting like that.

So yeah, it’s all out there now. Freaking hell, man, it’s actually all going to happen! Much as I’ve been in complete denial, pill wise, this week! Knowing my luck it’ll be another long wait after the assessment! In my mind I will be detoxing by tomorrow afternoon :D. Ever optimistic!


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